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    The Hawthorne Robotics Club was part of the First Lego League. The Hawthorne “Phoenixes” participated in The South Seattle sectional competition at Franklin High school. The kids learned a lot and had a great time!
    Posted on 12/20/2019
    First Lego League

    The Hawthorne Robotics Club was part of the First Lego League.  The Hawthorne “Phoenixes” met every Monday and Tuesday from September, 30 to December 10.  The South Seattle sectional competition was held at Franklin Highschool on Sunday, December 15.  The main idea for this year’s Lego League is creating the environmentally friendly city of the future, thus it is called City Shaper.

    The scoring for the competition was broken up into three sections:  An innovation project; a core values cooperation challenge; and robot missions.  The students had many great ideas about how to help the community.  They settled on the idea of creating a “Hawthorne Clean up Club”.  The club would create posters encouraging students to keep Hawthorne clean, they would also clean in and around Hawthorne every Friday afternoon.  Their presentation to the judges was great.  Mrs. Campbell said they did well in the core values cooperation challenge. 

    The robotics missions test was divided into three rounds.  For the robotics mission section students had to program their robots to go into the missions table and perform tasks that help build the city of the future and return to home base.  They were at Franklin from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.  They finished 18th out of 30 schools.  The kids learned a lot and had  a great time!

    As coaches, Jeanne Campbell and Jay McMillan, enjoyed the work ethic, humor, and just plain fun of the entire project.  Can’t wait until next year.