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    5th Graders Attending Mercer Middle School in Fall - Time Sensitive
    Posted on 05/19/2020

    May 19, 2020    

    Dear Hawthorne 5th Grade Families,
    Registration for next year’s elective classes at Mercer Middle School has begun. Please read the information below that was sent to us by Anthony Malaki 6th Grade Counselor at Mercer. This information is time sensitive so please be sure to read the bold portions below.

    Sandra Scott
    Hawthorne Elementary


    Dear Mercer’s Feeder Elementary School Partners,
    Early yesterday morning, Ms. Watters, our Principal, sent an email out to your buildings to make your community aware that registering for next year elective classes has begun.  We would appreciate that you share this information with your 5th grade families somewhat quickly.  We plan on closing the registration window by the end of the week.

    Online Registration
    Our hope is that most of your 5th grade students are able to register on-line. In the email to your schools, there was a link to a YouTube video that would walk students through the process of registering on-line. This link should work…hopefully. (Try cutting and pasting the link in the browser window if it does not work by clicking on it in this document)

    For students that are not able to register on-line, our plan is to mail a hard copy of the registration form to those homes.  If more students can register on-line, our registration process will be less burdened due to our stay at home order.  

    Registration and Student Outreach
    Registering for classes on-line is one of our first steps in our outreach.  In February we hosted an open house for all students and families.  Here are a couple of ways we will reach out to your students to welcome them to Mercer:

    1. Live Microsoft Teams meeting with Feeder Schools:  I will set up times with each individual feeder school to have a live Microsoft Teams Meeting in which I will share with your students a little more about who we are at Mercer.  This would take the place of the in-person visits our 6th Grade Administrator and I would traditionally do in the Spring.  I will send the invite to you by the end of the month.

    2. 5th Grade Riser Form: In the past I have also asked our feeder school partners to share with us their insights on incoming students through the use of a Riser Form.  The information provided has benefited your students in their transition to Mercer. I will be sending the Riser Form to our feeder schools by the end of the month.

    Please apologize on our behalf to your students’ families about the rushed registration process.  We have been busy supporting our current students and are now able to focus on welcoming our incoming ones.  If families, or you, have individualized questions, please pass along my email address at  They can also leave me a voicemail message at (425) 528-0796.  It’s my Microsoft Teams number and I check it regularly.

    Thank you again for your continued partnership on behalf of your students’ success in middle school.

    Stay healthy and be well,
    Anthony Malaki
    6th Grade Counselor at Mercer