Hawthorne Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary School


About Hawthorne Elementary School

Our Mission

Preparing strong leaders and learners for a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world.

Our Vision

Powerful Learners, Powerful Choices, Powerful Relationships. Our school community nurtures scholarship, creativity and social responsibility.

About Hawthorne Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary is a K-5 school located in the Mt. Baker/Columbia City Area. We celebrate our vibrant, diverse population in a nurturing and positive school environment. Hawthorne works with family, community and educational partnerships to meet or exceed the needs of our students.

Hawthorne academic programs are supported by Title I funds and The Friends of Hawthorne.

Our academic curriculum program includes:  Readers and Writers Workshop, CCC Collaborative Classroom Literacy, National Science Foundation, Math in Focus, and much more.

Before and after school, high quality programming and childcare is available on-site through Launch and Powerful Schools.